IL QUADRIFOGLIO VERDE P.S. P.S. is an Italian ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization) that supports the Oncology and Brain Tumors Research.
In particular, the purposes of the association are:

  • To support financially the scientific research on cancer, carried out in Italy and abroad, in its clinical laboratory aspects, most specifically by financing considerable research projects and providing grants for the professional improvement of the researchers;
  • To promote and organize, therefor, the gathering of funds for the research improvement in the oncology field, through activities and events availing also of the voluntary activity of its associates;
  • To divulge the national and international studies and oncology researches, mainly among its associates, by means of any activities that could make people aware of the problems connected to the study, treatment and prevention of tumors, as well as the Research results and progress, even by periodical publications;
  • To promote and arrange meetings among researchers, scientists and oncologists, both nationally and internationally, in order to share the researches and trials results;
  • To promote and provide ways of cooperating in projects of other Italian and international organizations which have the same goals
  • To actively contribute to the improvement of the Italian information asset about the needs and supports that are necessary for the patients and their families, in particular divulging therapies, possible treatments and the even major possibilities of healing.